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It gives the power to run Windows application on Mac operating system. MSecure 5, pre-orders and being ignored by MSeven Software. Does it manage only passwords or licences or…? How much would all of the passwords be worth if something happened and someone got access to every password and what ever is stored in there?

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Is it difficult to use so at times you would just skip using it and therefore risk insecurity? Purchase price? Update fee? So, value in…? I use 1Password as when I purchased it it was the only program that was easy to use, had a great set of features and was secure. By that you mean over all the categories or cost? Because 'best value' most of the time infers price so the question has ambiguity. And my comment is completely relevant as a lot of the discussion above is purely about price, when that is not the only criteria that some people use.

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So, in similar manner what do you mean by best? And I would still be curious what op means by best. Best value as cost one product, best value for him in terms of usability another product. It may be more helpful for other people to see rational behind others' view of best. It may lead to more informed view of personal selection. So I don't get why I got neg. For Android and PC users I use pocket and have done so for quite a few years http: Has been great and no problems and is FREE.

I don't really notice the ads on the free version though. I have always been an Msecure user and loved the product…so much so that when they asked me to joins the beta testers program I jumped at the opportunity. Thats where things all went south.

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Apparently they are moving to a subscription model and ditching the ability to sync via icloud or dropbox, so if you want your passwords on more than one device you will need to pay the subscription fees. Which means anyone who has physical access to your devices or Dropbox have trivial access to your passwords. You must create an mSecure account as your license to use the features, including syncing, tied to this account. Yes, no more syncing via dropbox.

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  • Basically you create an account with them and pay for whatever platform you want. You download and install the app and once logged in, you are good to go.

    Hot Deal: mSecure Password Manager 50% off on all Platforms - PC MAC iOS Android

    For iOS, mSecure 5 will be a free apps from app store but it won't do much for you until you buy the license for your mSecure account. There will be no subscription fee or membership fee. Except for the fee to purchase mSecure 5. Thank you for your interest in mSecure 5 and our pre-order sale. With mSecure 5, we will be implementing our own syncing feature. We will no longer have iCloud or Dropbox syncing as syncing options.

    Quick clarification: That is the price to use mSecure 5 on all devices. It is also not a subscription fee. It is a one time price. Unfortunately, this pre-order sale price is only available through our website. However, we might have other sales and discounts available through the App Store itself in the future. However, we do not currently have a set date. We will try release as soon as possible, but it might be at the end of March.

    Lastly, yes, we will release a basic free version of mSecure 5 on all platforms and have an in-app purchase of the premium features. That way users can download mSecure on all platforms and simply use their mSecure accounts to get access to everything, including their mSecure information! Please let me know if you have any other questions about mSecure 5, our pre-order sale, or anything else mSecure related. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

    OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. This was posted 2 years 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal. Recently posted related deals Go to Deal. I would highly recommend them vs other password managers who charge subscriptions Password1.

    I havent used msecure, but i'm a big fan 1password. Yes I have… It's a free update each time.

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    Just got a reply regarding updates: Hi xxxxxx, We believe that all the additional features and enhancements merit the charge to upgrade. Thank you, xxxxxx. Which model is more sustainable long term? That is not true. They do if you want new features or updates as these are rolled into a new version.

    Nope… Just for you, I downloaded and reinstalled the current version and my licence key worked fine… https: Here are their release notes, no new features or updates even security I'm on 4. I would submit a negative vote as poor value, but apparently that is not appreciated.

    Msecure coupon code

    KeePass keepass. Cheers Rakddon. Since it is not out yet, it is unknown if they would have features that need IAP! So what does everyone recommend is the best value password manager for us ozbargainers? Needless to say I dropped out of the beta program and have ditched the product all together. I just store my passwords on notepad. Directly from mSecure support: I use keepass. It's free, no ads and no subscriptions.