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Related Items. General enquiries 13 72 28 Close. General enquiries 13 72 28 Roadside Assistance 13 11 11 Insurance Claims 13 19 Australian price is what, a dollar more? Not worth mentioning, honestly, with all the much bigger ways we get ripped off. The AUD isn't that volatile to ask that big a premium.

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Denmark pays near double what the US pays and I sure doubt they have as big a library. Your point on the international content I appreciate though. But frequently I wonder if they really put that much effort in negotiating with the networks or they're just wanting everyone outside the US to settle. Netflix in particular seems happier to spend their efforts baring everyone from their US catalogue. This is a common refrain of many businesses which routinely complain about the cost of doing business. Well, my answer is simple: If it's not profitable, don't do it!

I mean, it is not ordained by Moses, and inscribed on stone tablets that someone "Shall only ever raise cows for milk, and never do anything else in life", or "Cinemas shall only ever run at the tiniest margins, and gouge patrons on their food and drinks". As a wage-earner all my working life, I have never been guaranteed a position; companies have gone broke, made me redundant, changed conditions, moved premises, etc, etc. Likewise no business owner is guaranteed endless profitability forever. Well, unless you are a government-backed monopoly. But that's another economic story.

I find it tedious to so often read of the complaints by business and property owners about the cost of running their operations. Note how many threads we seem to get about landlords and their pesky tenants how much better things would be if renters just paid up and shut up, and provided never-ending profits for their overlords. It seems that the majority of our society wants a capitalist system; well, this is the consequence, folks.

It's not compulsory for businesses to stay in operation. Or farmers. Or hairdressers. If it's a loss-maker, there's an obvious and simple solution. The movie industry has been saying this for many decades. First when talkies arrived. Then the advent of TV. Then Video tape. Now streaming. It may or may not survive. And if not enough care…. I would argue that 'quality' cinema-type experience has now migrated largely to television anyway; the standards writing, direction, production values of many TV series is in many cases superior to most cinema releases. And it seems cinema increasingly relies on formulaic superhero movies to produce profits.

Hardly 'quality'. Especially when you consider: TV series are getting to be higher and higher quality Marvel run their own production studio, so could break from tradition at any time International movies are getting better and better. Literally Laughed Out Loud Button. I also hear rumours about free fresh milk, but I don't understand why they don't provide kettles and teabags. Free milk - byo mum only. I'm gonna have to do this next time I take the kids, just for the "cheapskate thrills", my kids will love it well at least my predecessor will: A real ozbargained will also mention they were 'scammed' by the candybar.

And also will report to ACCC. I just walk in with the woollies plastic bag?

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I feel like they don't care anymore because they know how much of a rip off their stuff is. This can backfire on you if there happens to be a cranky attendant on duty. I went to the cinemas once with a Woolies plastic bag with some groceries in it including some cans of Coke.


The attendant spotted the cans in the bag and wouldn't let me into the cinema as it's against their food and drink policy. Had to go back to the car and drop it off first. I've always been interested in the contract side of it. As far as I'm aware, most cinemas still don't advise the terms that no outside food or drink is allowed, and would the purchase of the ticket not be the creation of the contract - how can they impose new terms once you're at the ticket booth?

Your purchasing a ticket will be an assumption you comply with the terms probably says that on the ticket stub. You're welcome to a refund within 30mins of the sessions start time at most cinemas if you don't agree. Technically you purchase a ticket which is a different form of currency you then purchase entry at the entrance with your ticket. Terms and conditions written on the back of a ticket are not valid for contractual purposes under Australian law.

Yes, it could be argued that the ticket is acting as "currency", but it could also be argues the ticket is simply authorisation for entry, and that the contract was formed on purchase of the ticket. You're probably right but I wouldn't know I'm not a lawyer. I think you're right though because that wasn't agreed upon before purchase. I would ignore them and keep walking, what are they going to do.

Someone takes their minimum wage job way too seriously if they would hassle customers over taking some cans of drink into the cinema.. And that has never happened to me. I take a woolies bag in, plain view of the staff and never been hassled. Driving away customers and creating bad will is not good for business. I think it has to do with the risk of the cans exploding. I once had to pour my can of drink into on of their cups for that exact reason.

Not sure if it was bs or not. I've always had my chips and drinks in plain view. And I usually have enough for a family of four. No one's ever made mention of it. In fact, until today, I didn't realise that they had a food and drink policy.

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  • If some kid tried to enforce it on me, then I would be asking where this policy is clearly published for all to see. Then I would be getting a refund quick smart. They wont be able to stop you physically. Even supermarket staff cant stop a shoplifter walking out.